Therapy with Scott: What to expect.

How does this work?: My sessions typically last 45-55 minutes. They can be done in the comfort of your own home using a HIPAA compliant video platform (Simple Practice) or in person on a comfy couch or chair at the office. Typically, the first meeting is a “get to know you” session. At that time, I will ask several questions about your history (intake/assessment). The first session allows for me to have more information so that I can begin to understand how I can help you. Then, usually in the second session, we complete a brief treatment plan (a brief list of goals to focus on). I then hope to earn your trust as we begin to discuss more of your current life and history in more depth at your comfort level. We aim to find what is ‘getting in the way’ of you obtaining goals, find “happiness” or motivation, focus on life in real-time, and live a healthy/sober lifestyle, etc.

Counseling or psychotherapy is a process in which you have the opportunity to speak with a licensed professional in a confidential setting. My style of therapy aims to focus on your goals and what works best for you. That said, as a therapist, there is value in providing direction, giving feedback, and teaching people new coping skills. Practicing skills outside of session allows my clients to make small changes that lead to bigger changes over time.

Mental health has been a stigmatized aspect of our culture for far too long. I believe that we have ignored or undermined the topic for generations. As a result, it has made our lives more difficult. My mission as a therapist is to be a resource for people to feel more hopeful and better understand their struggles as well. As a certified drug and alcohol counselor, I have learned that one’s addiction and substance use can lead to the experience of severe shame. I also feel compelled as a father to provide an opportunity for dads/birth partners to find a comfortable setting to discuss stressors and manage emotions in order to be the best parents, partners, etc. (even when it’s not necessarily easy, natural or fun).